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 Meroway Adventure is your way to travelling. We want you to do what you love, and since you are here, so with a high probability you love mountains, too. We want you to be able to experience with us the highest, majestic, and still in many places virgin mountains – the Himalayas.
“Mero” in Nepali means “my”, “way” in English is road, direction, manner. Meroway Adventure is a travel road to the kingdom of the highest mountains in the world, but an open, flexible, unique one, such as also created by you. In the beginning, You can shyly wonder whether it is an adventure for You, and then You may begin quickly desire it. However, we would like to make this travel, regardless if you choose getting to know the Himalayan peaks from the board of the airplane, from the vantage point of Poon Hill, or you decide to ascend one of the highest mountains in the world – to be possibly the most Yours and create an unforgettable experience of Your Life.
We specialise in organisation of the travels to Nepal and we have ambitions to be the best in it. In our offer there are numerous trekking, climbing offers of the trekking peaks, as well as for those the most ambitious achievers – expeditions to the highest mountains in the world. We are committed, however, to show you the entire diversity of Nepal therefore we will propose to you complimenting a mountain adventure with acknowledging other noteworthy sites of this unique country.
We have agreed values in which we believe and by which we will always be distinguished. We do believe that they will support us in acquiring real partners of the adventures for many years and will enable us to deliver exceptional experiences to all who will decide to go a section of the road with the Meroway Adventure.
We allowed ourselves to describe them in detail below.




A satisfied client means a success for us. We will make every effort to make you feel that you are the most important for us. We are committed to make all your adventures with the Meroway Adventure deliver to you not only unforgettable, wonderful experiences, but also to ensure you that everyone in the Meroway Adventure teams takes care about your satisfaction from the travel.


We know that a price counts. In particular, when we have a limited budget at our disposal. In the Meroway Adventure we make efforts to provide to you the best possible offer in the suggested price. Our offer does not comprise “stars”, you will receive from us a full information what is included in the price, and what additional costs you should take into account. We manage a budget carefully, looking for the most adequate solutions which will satisfy our Clients, by giving them at the same time a feeling that they are treated fair.


We plan an offer of the Meroway Adventure in the best manner known to us, using a many year experience of our Team. Nevertheless, we know that there are situations which trigger a possibility to provide changes for the better. The weather is unpredictable, well-being can be different, a concerned region can turn out to be extremely interesting for you. Therefore our offers are not closed. We leave our Clients an opportunity to influence on the course of the travel. If you find, that it is worth to make a valuable change in the trip, so why not to implement it? Just discuss it with a Guide of the Meroway Adventure, make sure with your travel companions that the whole meets Your expectations. Meroway Adventure is Your way to travel.


A travel to the highest mountains of the world is a remarkable experience and an incredible adventure. Although, for us it is an obligation to take care about a safety of the Meroway Adventure Clients, which is of the highest priority for us and which we treat with the highest seriousness. With the Meroway Adventure you are always under the care of the experienced, tried and tested, certified mountain guides and climbers who know and apply rules of the safe tourism. They also know how to handle crisis situations and make every effort to make Your travel safe and to competently manage risk and a potential crisis situation. We are a rightful organisation involved in the organisation of tourism in Nepal, registered also in TAAN (Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal) and in the Nepal Tourism Board.


We wish to give you more. To show this, what is hardly accessible and sometimes may seem impossible. We are aware that you are willing to learn, discover, explore, experience. A man has always been curious, and we do believe that a curiosity develops… We will always make attempts, if it would be possible to deliver a factor of the uniqueness during Your travel which will make you to experience a less standard adventure, sometimes a surprising one. We want you to come a way with the Meroway Adventure in the most possible interesting way.


Meroway Adventure has its roots in Nepal. The members of our Team are, in the majority, the native Nepalese, the Sherpas, often friends or good acquaintances. We are convinced that knowing their country, its language and culture they will be great guides, climbers, and also Your partners in the travel. The Nepalese people are a very kind, friendly, smiling nation with a unique and diverse culture. It is, however, also a nation of one of the poorest people in the world, frequently with a restricted access to the medical care and education. Meroway Adventure’s goal is to take care about a development of its Team, improving a quality of life of all team, as well as porters who cooperate with us. We also would like to give continuously a support in developing qualifications of our Guides and Climbers, as well as create new job places for the Nepalese society.


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